Dust extraction for Stepcraft CNC with Kress (AMB) spindle


As part of a major modification of my Stepcraft-2 840, a more powerful spindle, the AMB 1050, came into play.  And of course, a new suction system had to be installed. Similar to this one, I decided to connect the suction hose to the rear of the Z-axis.
The lower part is only fixed with 10 magnets D6 x 2 and can easily be removed for changing the tool and cleaning.
The apron is as always made of one piece of EPDM pond liner fixed with cable ties. Cheap, simple and good.

Drilling Jig

So far I have always been afraid to change the original machine when making modifications. But this time I have modified many other things besides a suction system and at some point one makes too big compromises.
So that nothing goes wrong with marking and drilling I have included a drilling jig.


The magnets are simply pressed in, not glued.
When mounting the magnets, you have to make sure that they all attract each other.I first assembled one side, then put a second magnet on top of it and pressed the bottom part on. I mention this because it is really hard to get the things out of the plastic part if they are in the wrong place.

Hose connection

The connection here has a diameter of 44mm with a taper of 1°. If someone needs another diameter, please send me an E-mail. There are a lot of vacuum cleaners out there, I use a Festool vacuum cleaner which is automatically switched on when the spindle starts. Bt this is another story.

3D printing

The parts are designed in such a way that no support material is needed or long reworking is necessary.  In principle the parts are ready to use from the printer.

Et voilà

Like always all files for free – have fun!

Download STL

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