Cool Spindle lock SW14 for the Kress (AMB) Motor

Attention, this tool only works in conjunction with the suction system I created for the SC-2 with Kress motor.

It fits perfectly on the suction system. Once attached, the spindle is blocked and you only need an open-end wrench to release the collet.

For more safety you should choose a bright color, because it would not be good to switch on in this condition. Optionally, 4 magnets 6×2 mm could be used here, which fit the suction system. But I did not do that, it works very well without.

3D printing

The parts are designed in such a way that no support material is needed or long reworking is necessary.  In principle the part are ready to use from the printer.

Et voilà

Like always all files for free – have fun!

Download STL

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